Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We planted the garden two weekends ago. It was a family affair. What a great family I have. We added to the garden this year to make it a little bigger. Adam, Dee and my dad working hard to get the soil ready.
My nephew Colton happened to be down that weekend visiting so we put him work. Zane and Colton helping out.

And then Uncle AJ let Zane use the heavy machinery.

One week later the garden is going strong. Zane loves checking to see what is new.

Tomato plants in the front (roma, cherry, grape and big boys). Behind the tomatoes are the strawberries. Some came back from last year. We are trying raspberry and black berries this year. We will see.

My favorite...radishes. Always the first to pop up. Can't wait to make the radish dip. Not Chad's favorite but I think um, um, good.

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Kevin said...

I can't wait to try out the radish dip!!